Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sick (as in, I am)

Okay, first things first:

Last Thursday, I bit the bullet and got a flu shot for the first time in ten years. Yes, I not only let some anonymous nurse jab me in the arm with a needle full of dead virus to keep me from getting sick, but I paid her to do this. And now here I sit five days later, in bed with a fever.


I had to take a day and a half of sick leave, which I tend to hoard in Gollum-like fashion (my precioussssss) and despite being in bed for the past hours, I cannot sleep. So I'm updating my blog. I don't have anything particularly weighty to contribute right now, but I'm bored, so here goes.


Things I Should Be Doing Right Now Instead of Updating My Blog

* laundry (it's not like it'll make me sicker)

* grading last week's reading tests (which, judging by the first couple, might actually make me sicker)

* revising Kissing Glass

* revising Reflection

* trying to figure out Autorealm (Thanks, Caryn! It's awesome; I'm just horribly dense)

* starting a synopsis for Kissing Glass

* revising my synopsis for Reflection

* practicing my query letters

* trying to figure out how to write description like Shannon Hale, Alison Croggon, and Cheryl Reifsnyder without just copying them ('cause that's illegal, rude, and they probably wouldn't like it so much...)

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