Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Choice, choices...

Shannon Hale's new book Dangerous was released today. It's downloading to my Kindle as I type. I'd dive into it RIGHT NOW except the third book in Jennifer Nielsen's Ascendance trilogy also came out, and I finally have time to read it.

Are you trying to kill me, publishing industry?

Today has been an odd day. After a period of extreme busyness helping to prepare my school's six competitive Destination Imagination teams for the regional tournament last Saturday, we've had a Sunday and two snow days during, which allowed me to watch Adele Nazeem sing "Let It Go" on the Oscars, (Seriously, Trovotlo? I thought you were a theater guy. How do you NOT know how to pronounce Idina Menzel?) and catch up on critiques for my writer buddies, who generously allowed me extensions because of DI.

I also tinkered a bit with a query letter to an agent and managed to resist mentioning our mutual love of wombats in the off chance that marsupials aren't the best foundation on which to begin a business relationship. The wombat-free message is sitting in my e-mail box right now, but I can't bring myself to press "send" yet. Because I'm a humongous chicken.

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  1. Ooh, thanks for the reminder, I forgot about Hale's book coming out. Love her! And be brave, friend! I have been brave 12 times this past week, lol! Who thought hitting 'send' would take so much effort. =)