Saturday, March 8, 2014

Really bummed

So I finally took the plunge and queried an agent a few days ago. I've spent more than a year just writing the dumb query. First query ever. I only sent it to her. I re-read it about 10,000 times before I sent it just to make sure there were no typos. I was so nervous I spent over an hour gearing myself up to press send.

And I addressed it to Ms. (Agency's last name) instead of her last name.


I heard her speak a few years ago at a SCBWI convention, I follow her on Twitter, I've googled her pet peeves.


From what I've read, that's an automatic delete.

Maybe some day this will be a funny story, but right now I'm going to go eat chocolate.

Edited for further thoughts: It could've been worse. I could've gotten her name wrong on television, on stage at the Oscars...


  1. Years ago this happened to me with an editor. I gave a well-known editor the wrong gender in the salutation. Instead of an automatic delete I got a personal response (editor was known not to give those) and an invitation to submit again.

    Chin up.

  2. You know what, if she reads your query and likes what she finds, I'm sure she'd overlook the accident! Everybody makes mistakes. *hugs*

  3. Don't beat yourself up. I'm a firm believer in things happen for a reason. If your dream agent doesn't respond for whatever reason, your agent match will at another point. Hang in there.

  4. Don't worry. This is not an automatic delete. If your query is great besides that one hiccup, the agent will give you a shot. One thing I learned in my loooong querying journey: Your dream agent is the one who gets your work and loves it as much as you do. That might mean the person you just queried, or it might mean someone you haven't encountered yet. But either way, you will find him/her!

  5. I know I've made dumb mistakes too. On a full request last year, I left on all the editor comments of things I still needed to change--and I've heard agents gripe about those.
    I think what everyone else says is true--I doubt this will kill your chances with this agent. Hang in there! I just started querying too.

  6. Thanks Kimberly, Anna, and Jenni! I appreciate the encouragement!